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The most common home inspection performed in the industry is the pre-purchase home inspection. This is the home inspection bought and paid for by a buyer in a real estate transaction.  Once an offer has been made, the buyer normally takes the responsibility for hiring a professional home inspector for verification of the condition of the property.  The findings of a home inspector during a pre-purchase inspection may change the selling price of the house, and serve as negotiations tool for pricing.  We strongly recommend you participate during the inspection, this will allow you to ask questions and to get familiar with the components of the home.  The Inspection process will typically take 2-4 hours depending on size and condition of the home.

Maintenance Inspections    Back to top

This inspection is performed for past clients and any homeowner looking to preserve the value of their home. The purpose is to have the home inspected on a regular basis in order to keep the home in good condition, to be informed of any repairs needed, and to avoid future problems.

Let’s be realistic, your home is probably the largest investment you will make in your lifetime. A maintenance inspection is designed to help you keep you investment in good condition and in good shape; it will help you identify minor areas of concern and address them before they escalate and become major and costly. 

Typically, the home owner is able to fix the minor repairs themselves, sealing, removing debris from roof and gutters, etc.

1 Year Warranty Inspection   Back to top

Traditionally most builders offer a new construction one-year warranty which covers many aspects of repair and replacement throughout the home.  If you’re living in a new construction home and you’re about to reach the first year anniversary ( 10 or 11 month)  living there, DO NOT expect a phone call from your builder to inform you that your 1 year warranty is about to expired.   Any defects within this time, the builder has the responsibility to get them fixed for you.   Let me ask you this, why should you pay for someone else’s mistakes?

 Rental properties   Back to top

We strongly recommend all property owners that rent should consider a periodical home inspection.   You’ll be surprised what tenants do without the landlord’s authorization.   (Protect your investment!!).

 Selling Your Home   Back to top

Are you considering selling your home?? We can help you by doing a home inspection.  You want to be proactive and learn about the current condition of your home and start repairing those major defects that could be a deal breaker at the time of the sale.


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